Setting Up Pixelmator for the First Time


Introducing Pixelmator Quicksteps

We are proud to announce our new video tutorial series, Pixelmator Quicksteps! We haven't had a video out in some time and we're sorry about that but we haven't been slacking. We have been focused on building a great platform to deliver high quality Pixelmator content every week without any cost. We love what we do and I hope it shows with pxm-tuts.com! But we were itching to get back to where it all started with visual content to help you learn and have fun with Pixelmator.

Today we release our first of many videos dedicated to clear, knowledgeable, from the heart, Pixelmator tutorials. You'll notice a more professional feel, higher quality HD resolution and better audio to create the best learning experience we can. All of our new videos will be fully transcribed so those who like to take advantage of YouTube captions and caption translation can do so. We hope you use Pixelmator QuickSteps to get to know Pixelmator and learn to create amazing new content!

Setting Up Pixelmator for the First Time

This Pixelmator tutorial video is an overview of many of the hidden features and tools that aren't obvious right away. If your experiencing Pixelmator for the first time, this video is for you! We walk thru what Pixelmator 2 looks like when you first open the package to turning on and revealing many great features. We want you to be able to see the many tools and information at your disposal. Those of you who may have quickly tried Pixelmator 2 and wasn't sure where the tools you needed where, give it a second look thru our videos!

We'll briefly cover:


  • Start up settings
  • Hiddens tools
  • Ruler settings
  • Snapping options

Setting up the Canvas

  • Rulers, hidden measuring tool, guides
  • Tool options bar
  • Info bar hidden options

The Gear Icon

  • Contextual menus
  • Additional options

Revealing all Tool Palettes

  • More than meets the eye

Please leave your feedback on what you think of our new Pixelmator 2 video tutorial, anything we can improve? Let us know! If you want to see something specific demonstrated in Pixelmator Quicksteps, leave your comments below or Contact us.


  • AJ_X says:

    This is great! I find it much easier to follow video tutorials rather than just text based tutorials. Good job!

  • Lollo says:

    I’m curious and I was wondering about the last tab in “Colors” window, what is it?


    It’s a very Powerfull Site!    

  • Great tutail guys! Want more!

  • Thanks for the great responses. We are dedicated to releasing more of these. Our goal is to put out polished, clear video tutorials that are coming from someone experienced with Pixelmator. There are too many kids on YouTube who open Pixelmator for the first time and decide to make a tutorial. I’m glad you guys like what we’re doing!

  • Del says:

    Finally found what I hope is a site that will teach me PM. What I would like to see is a tut that will help to clean up a really bad pixelated old photo. I can not make out the faces, the features of the face run into each other creating a black mess. Your setup PM tut is excellent, thanks

    • Jacob Bordieri says:


      Unfortunately with a badly pixelated photo, many times there isn’t enough data to reconstruct it. You can sharpen or add contrast but you can’t add quality back into a degraded photo. You can also change colors zoomed in on the pixel level but the process for even a small area would be painstaking and would not yield the results your looking for.

      You could try and post on the forums as well, there might be someone who has dealt with this issue before to provide further help.

  • Crickettgrrrl says:

    Some things have changed since Pixelmator Cherry came was released. Has that changed the way you have set up Pixelmator?

    (and I love this site, so helpful!)

    • Jacob Bordieri says:

      Yes, thanks for asking. The only real difference that you would have to setup is under Preferences > Rulers. The terminology for magnetic snapping options has changed to include the Alignment guide functionality.

      I’ll try and update this post to cover it when I get a chance.