Pixelmator Quicksteps Video - Drop Shadows in Pixelmator

Creating Drop Shadows on Text and Objects in Pixelmator


Learn Drop Shadow Techniques and Types in Pixelmator

In this basic Pixelmator QuickStep video we show you the three main ways to add Drop Shadows to Text and Objects in Pixelmator. We show the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We also cover some different Drop Shadow types.

We'll briefly cover:

Create Drop Shadows Using:

  • The Fonts Panel
  • Quartz Filters
  • Using a Separate Layer

Drop Shadow Types

  • Lighting Effect Zoom Shadow
  • Transformed Projected Shadow


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  • AJX says:

    I am subscribed to your YouTube channel, but this video has not appeared in my sub box.

  • Do you have the quartz filters in version 2.1.1? The entire “Filter” menu is missing from my Pixelmator menu options, no matter how I stare.


    • Jacob Bordieri says:

      Pixelmator 2.1.1 has a new feature called the Effects Browser and all native and third-party Quartz Filters are now available as drag and drop effects. Go to View > Show Effects Browser and that should do it.

  • Elena says:

    I do not see any drop shadow effect in the effects browser. Could you please be more specific, I would like to know where can I find it. Thank you !

    • Ashley Rich says:

      Elena, there is no drop shadow in the effects browser, thats the idea behind this tutorial. Jacob shows you how you can achieve the effect manually.

    • Jacob Bordieri says:


      I did add resource links above for the drop shadow Quartz Filter and a video on how to install if you want.

      • MennoMan says:

        Hi Jacob,

        When I try to use the resource link to download that Quartz Filter it’s giving me an error message “404: Page Not Found!”.
        The resource is not active any more.

      • Ashley says:

        Hi MannoMan,

        We had to take the filters down as they were incompatible with the latest version of Pixelmator. The Pixelmator team have however addressed the issue and we will re-release them once the new version of Pixelmator is available.