Retro Pop Art Style

Retro Pop Art



Difficulty: Intermediate


In this Pixelmator tutorial we will create a Retro Pop Art style design, common in the 1950s. We will be combining stock images, color, brushes and textures to give our design a vintage comic book appearance.

retro pop art style final


Lets go ahead and grab the resources we will be using:

Step 1 - New Document

Create a new Pixelmator document, I chose 700 x 900 pixels. Fill the background with the color #0080ff.

retro pop art style 01

Step 2 - Import Image

Import your chosen image. I’m using a photograph of Marilyn Monroe. Position and resize the image using (Edit > Transform).

retro pop art style 02

Step 3 - Remove Image Background

Using the lasso tool, make a selection around Marilyn.

When using the Lasso tool, I find it easier to make smaller selections using the add to selection option.

retro pop art style 03

Invert the selection (Edit > Inverse...) and then hit delete.

retro pop art style 03b

Step 4 - Colors

Pop art often features vivid colors, so lets brighten things up. Create a new layer called “Colors”. Using the Brush tool paint over the original image, onto the Colors layer. The exact colors do not matter, however I chose: Yellow (#ffff00), Pink (#ff6fcf), Red (#ff0000) and Violet (#8000ff).

Notice that we are painting solid colors, there is no need for shading.

retro pop art style 04

Step 5 - Halftone

Duplicate the Image layer and place it at the top of the layer stack. Rename it “Halftone”.

Hide the original image.

retro pop art style 05a

Goto (Filter > Halftone > Dot Screen...). Apply the settings shown below:

retro pop art style 05b

Change the layers blending mode to Multiply.

retro pop art style 05c

Step 6 - Radial Lines

Let's add some visual interest to the background. It's time to add our Radial Lines (Credit to PixelCreativity).

Create a new layer called “Radial Lines” above the background layer.

retro pop art style 06a

Reset the default colors (D). Then goto (Filter > Generator > Stripes...).

retro pop art style 06b

Select the filter Circular Wrap (Filter > Distortion > Circular Wrap...).

retro pop art style 06c

Change the layers opacity to 10%.

retro pop art style 06d

Step 7 - Splodge

Create a new layer above the Radial Lines layer called “Splodge”. retro pop art style 07a

Select one of the water-colour brushes and with the default colors selected (D), paint a splatter.

retro pop art style 07b

Create a new temporary layer above the one we previously created.

retro pop art style 07c

Goto (Filter > Generator > Stripes...).

retro pop art style 07d

We need to rotate and position the stripes so that they cover majority of the splodge. (Edit > Transform... or CMD F)

retro pop art style 07e

With the temporary layer selected. Goto (Edit > Select Color...). Choose black and 200 for the radius.

retro pop art style 07f

Select the Splodge layer and hit delete.

retro pop art style 07g

Deselect our selection and delete the temporary layer.

retro pop art style 07h

Step 8 - Texture

The final step is to add an aged appearance.

Import your chosen paper texture and drag it to the top of the layers stack.

retro pop art style 08a

Resize and position the texture so that it fills the document (Edit > Transform... or CMD F).

retro pop art style 08b

Change the layers blending mode to Multiply.

retro pop art style 08c


There we have our finished result! From a few simple steps we have created a style that was commonly seen in the 1950s and given it vintage, worn look.

Thank you for following along and I hope you found this tutorial useful.

retro pop art style final