Pixelmator Photo Effects Tutorial - Age your Photo into an Instant Classic

Age your Photos into Instant Classics with Pixelmator



Difficulty: Beginner


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Aging your photos is so easy in Pixelmator, you'll have more flexibility and can be more creative than just pushing a button in an app. No this isn't a stock photo, I took it myself with my iPhone. So get out there in your own town and grab a shot of something no one else has, and make it unique.

Grab the resources above and pick up some grunge brushes that you can find here:


Step 1 - Healing Tool

When I took this picture, I waited till people had passed to grab this shot, but we still have some unwanted objects and people in our photo. Pixelmators Healing Tool saves us from the tedious job of removing them by hand. Choose the Healing Tool and brush over the cone and it's reflection. If it doesn't look right hit CMD Z to undo and try again.


In this photo we don't need it to be perfect because we are aging it. That's good enough for me, heal as much as you want.


Next remove these people and the light with the Healing Tool, being careful not to brush over the car.


It took me 3 times to get it right on this, again we don't need perfection.


Step 2 - Quick Mask

Now right click and duplicate this layer one time. We will use this new layer to do a Quick Mask.


Hit "Q" to enter Quick Mask Mode. The screen will turn red as you can see.


Now use the Brush Tool and use a soft round brush at full strength, making sure the color is white. Go over the car as shown below. Make sure to brush just slightly outside the car. Don't worry about being super exact, but make sure there is no red left on the car.


Hit "Q" again and you will now have a selection around the car!


Next, right click on the layer and choose Add Mask.


You'll instantly mask over all of the background just leaving the car. You can't see it yet because our duplicate layer below it is still on.


Turning off the lower duplicate layer for a second will reveal what you've done. You'll see why we did this next.


Step 3 - Getting Blurry

Turn that duplicate layer back on and select it. The reason we masked the upper layer is we are going to blur the entire background but keep the car in focus! With this layer selected go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and blur to about 3.0 px. Cool effect! Try this on other photos you have.


Select both the blurred layer and the masked layer, right click and duplicate them. Right click again and merge these two duplicated layers into one.


Name this newly merged layer "Classic car worn". Add a new layer below it and fill with white.


Step 4 - Get that Worn Look

Select the "Classic car worn" layer above the white layer and grab the Erase Tool. Since the Erase Tool uses the brush engine, choose the grunge brushes you've downloaded. The key to creating this look is varying the brush you use to erase the edges, you don't want to see a pattern, it has to look random. Also adjust the opacity to vary the strength of the effect. Remember of you don't like the look of a section you've erased, hit CMD Z to undo and try again.


Once you've got the look you want, duplicate this layer one time and set the Blending Mode to Overlay. This will add a richness to the colors.


Step 5 - Crumpled Up

Let's continue the aging process by adding a paper texture above all the other layers and setting the Blending Mode to Multiply. If the paper texture darkens the photo too much you can turn down it's opacity, and go to Image > Exposure and lighten the effect some.


Step 6 - Add some Color

Add a new layer above the paper texture and pull one of the Earthlight Gradients with reds, oranges and purples in it from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Change the Blending Mode to Soft Light and turn down the opacity to 34%.


Step 7 - Go Back In Time

Now for the final effect, drop this old paper texture above all of the other layers. Use CMD F to transform the texture to match the size of the car photo. Change the Blending Mode to Multiply to complete the journey back in time!



Save your Project as a PXM fie so you can always go back and make adjustments or change the intensity of the effects. Then export your photo as a jpg for use on your website, blog, to share with friends, or upload to your favorite photo site! We hope you enjoy our tutorials, if you do please share them with others via the links below. We'd love to see how you've done this effect to one of your own photos as well, give us the link in the comments!

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