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Stage Show Graphic for Pixelmator



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Set the Stage!

Here is a fun graphic that you can open in Pixelmator and use as a template to show off your Stuff! Here are a few examples of what you can do with Stage Show:

Use it to show off your pictures, videos, even make an email announcement!

stg shw1b

Show your fun new app to the world!

stg shw2b

Share your latest art piece!

stg shw3b

How to Customize

You can totally customize Stage Show to the look and feel you want. Below are some ways to do just that.

Here are the main groups. You'll want to create a Props group between the Spot Lights and Back Curtain, this is where you'll put your stuff.

stg shw4b

You can change the color of the Left, Right, and Back Curtains by simply adding a layer above the existing color layer (turn the existing color layer off). Add a clipping mask to the new layer by right clicking and choosing "add clipping mask" and change the blending mode of the layer to Multiply. Finally fill the layer with the color of your choice!

stg shw5b

The same technique applies to tinting the wood the color you want. Find the existing color layer and turn it off. Add your new color layer above like we did for the curtains and follow the same process. If you get real adventurous you can try to add a different texture for the floor and front wall!

stg shw6b


Size: 10.3 MB / Downloads: 1,346