Gradient Shape Overlay Pack for Pixelmator



Size: 116.9 kB / Downloads: 3,134

gso main

What are Gradient Shape Overlays?

They are special grey and white gradients that form shapes which can be expanded, rotated and blending into your projects. We had to rebuild them to work with Pixelmator 2.1 so these are totally new.

How do I use them?

They are gradients so they work just like any other gradients. You'll want to place them on separate layers and test out the different layer blending modes to really make these work in your project!

How do I install them?

After downloading the Gradient Shape Overlays pack drag and drop each gradient onto the gradients panel and they will be installed! If you decide to tweak them a bit and mess them up, just remove them and drag them from the folder again to reset.


gso thumb5 gso thumb4 gso thumb3 gso thumb1 gso thumb2


Size: 116.9 kB / Downloads: 3,134