Another Way to Support our Community Project!


Hello guys and gals,

We have been so happy to research, build and post free tutorials & resources for the Pixelmator community. It's the reason we started the original Gamrcobe Studios and Blissfully Bold sites, finally moving on to collaborate here at PXM-Tuts. We both love working with Pixelmator and sharing our knowledge for free. We've had many requests for us to add a way for members to support the work we are doing by "buying us a coffee" as it were. This has been very humbling and in the past we've always politely declined. We always want to keep the site free for all and personally hate dealing with paywalls to get at a simple tutorial. We realized a couple of things though, we want those who have the desire to be a part of what we are doing by supporting us in this way, well, to be able to do so. For someone to be appreciative enough to want to reach out and do what they can is rare and awesome!

Two, we want to continue to improve the site to be the most secure, fastest, quality site we can make it. We have many ideas for helping the Pixelmator community that have costs associated with them. One example is we want to be able to pay contributors for quality tutorials in addition to our own, to reach out to those with experience in different aspects of design, drawing, photography, illustration, etc, and invite them to share their techniques with all of you. I'm not mentioning these things because we expect the community to "pay" for these things, that would be absurd. We simply want you to know if you had the desire to further support our work, that is one way we would use it. We want to see how far we can take our little idea of providing high quality, creative tutorials to help all to learn and enjoy Pixelmator like we do! We wish you the best in your endeavors to learn Pixelmator and will always be around to help! If you'd like to contribute to our project head over here. Thanks for your support!


Jacob Bordieri & Ashley Rich


  • DM says:

    Personally,my opinion only. I myself would not expect compensation,why? I never expect any thing other than a thank you for any good deed . Free is nice, yes, but to help those ,like myself who are still learning from the bottom, without asking or expecting compensation is akin to being a mentor, meaning, someone who has helped others with no thoughts of compensation. I do agree, with help to continue this site. It can not run on thanks alone, there are costs. Donations GLADLY ACCEPTED. Thank you.

    • Ashley Rich says:


      I would just like to clarify that we are not asking for compensation, Jacob and myself do not receive any of the donations as personal profit. We run PXM-Tuts because we have a passion for teaching others and showing people what can be achieved with Pixelmator.

      However, as the site has grown it has become more costly to run, not only financially but also with the amount of time we have to commit on a day to day basis. With us both having full time jobs and other commitments its not always possible to give up the required time. That’s where the donations come in… We plan on paying guest authors for submitting tutorials to PXM-Tuts, in the hope that we can offer new, unique, quality tutorials on a more regular basis. A further post will be up in the next few weeks with more information.



  • DM says:

    Merry Christmas to all and to those in the PXM community. Have a great new year.

  • DM says:

    I hope that have not in any way insulted your efforts here and really I do appreciate all that you and Jacob do. In what ever way you thank submitters it will be appreciated I am sure. I only wish that one day I to can help others as this site has. Once I figure out how to contribute to the continuance of the site rest assured that I will. This is a great place to be and learn. Thanks.

    • Ashley Rich says:

      DM, of course not. We’re here to help and always will be, we would just like to be able to offer more with the help of the community. Sorry if my comment came across as abrupt, that wasn’t my intention.