Pixelmator-Tuts Launches

PXM-Tuts Launches!

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After weeks of hard work I am pleased to announce the launch of PXM-Tuts, a collaborative effort between Ashley Rich and Jacob Bordieri.

Our goal is to be the first point of call for unique Pixelmator tutorials, resources, news and inspiration. We have many great tutorials in the pipeline that will focus on the power and new features of Pixelmator 2. These tutorials will be fun, engaging, and will ultimately teach you how to use Pixelmator for far more than just image editing. This will also be a hub of free resources for everyone, so if you create quartz filters, brushes, gradients, or shapes, we would love to feature them and make it easy for people to find them.

You'll notice our Pixelmator Flickr group is an integral part of what we are doing here and allows us to showcase your work front and center. There is so much more to come we can't wait to share with you. These are exciting times for the Pixelmator community, so we hope you make PXM-Tuts your go-to site for all things Pixelmator! Help us create the future of the community and the best Pixelmator experience possible.

Like to know more? Check out the About Us page or Contact Us.