Usage Policy

Giving out stuff for free gives us a great feeling and we and our guest authors have worked hard to bring you quality content. We just ask you respect a few things:

  • You may freely use the techniques demonstrated within our tutorials, whether for personal or commercial projects, without restrictions.
  • You are free to use our downloadable resources in your personal projects without restrictions. However, for commercial projects we ask that you modify them enough to make them your own.
  • Photos supplied within our PXM files are not to be redistributed in any way or used for commercial projects.

If you are unsure, check our FAQ below, or contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your resources for personal projects?
Yes. You may freely use all of our resources in your personal projects, no attribution required, but always appreciated.

Can I use your resources for commercial projects?
Not directly no. We ask that you make enough modifications to make it your own work.

Can I redistribute your tutorials or downloads?
No. If you would like to share our content please link to the original on PXM-Tuts. When sharing a downloadable resource please link to the download page, not the download file.

Can I embed one of your videos on my site?
Yes, but please provide attribution.

Attribution. What’s that then?
Attribution is simply the act of crediting someone for their hard work. Although not required, it’s very much appreciated. Here are a few preferred ways:

  • Link to our website from yours.
  • Tweet about us on Twitter.
  • Use our share buttons to help spread the word.