PXM-Tuts was founded in September 2011 with the aim of being the place for unique, high quality Pixelmator content. Whether your after up-to-date news, inspiration, resources or weekly Pixelmator tutorials. PXM-Tuts has you covered!

The Story

“We wanted this site to be visually appealing, clean and easy to use, in addition to inspiring participation and discussion about this great application we love! I think we have created the best Pixelmator experience out there.”

Jacob Bordieri

PXM-Tuts is the vision and collective experience of Ashley Rich and Jacob Bordieri. Originally Jacob launched Gamrcobe Studios to organize the many resources getting lost on the Pixelmator forums and to create a place where people could see how easy it was to use Pixelmator to create what they wanted. In addition he founded a Pixelmator Flickr group open to anything made with Pixelmator and a YouTube channel showing Pixelmator screencasts. Shortly after Ashley started posting high quality, well written tutorials on BlissfullyBold including web design tutorials.

After being approached by others to join their Pixelmator efforts, Ashley emailed Jacob about a collaboration, something farther reaching and more creative than either could do on their own. They both began working tirelessly on PXM-Tuts.com, to create the highest quality Pixelmator tutorials freely available to anyone who wants to learn. Ashley being the master behind the code and site design & Jacob bringing his artistic talents to the weekly tutorials.